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Massage Therapy for Pain and Stress

Before I trained as a Counsellor I first trained in Complimentary Therapies and have 24 years experience as a Massage Therapist. During this time I have worked as a Massage Therapist in businesses, the community, for charities, care homes and on cruise ships.

Massage is healing and soothing, and promotes positive feelings and has many physical benefits. Some of these benefits are;

Improved circulation
Stimulates the lymphatic system
Boosts Immunity
Relieves muscles and joint pain
Improves Posture and Flexibility
Lowers Blood Pressure
Relieves Stress, anxiety and depression
Increases joint mobility
Improves muscle tone
Relieves symptoms of chronic pain

Muscular tension, such as head, neck and back pain can more often be a result of stress, and emotional distress and not a problem with the physical body or pathology. Dr John Sarno M.D in his bestselling books "Healing Back Pain" and "The Mindbody Prescription" discusses research he has conducted into the effect of repressed, unconscious emotions on the body. With this information in mind, the need to prioritise our mental and emotional wellbeing and relieve stress and anxiety has never been more important.

Swedish Massage
I first trained in Swedish body massage. This is a massage designed purely for relaxation and to relieve everyday muscular tension. This style of massage is helpful for general aches and pains due to everyday tasks like gardening and sitting at a computer.
If you enjoy a spa massage then Swedish is for you. Leave you worries behind and come and unwind.

Deep Tissue
This Massage uses a deeper pressure and incorporates techniques using the forearms and elbows. Deep Tissue Massage is generally used to treat musculoskeletal issues such as sports injuries, chronic pain and stiffness, and sciatica but can also be used as part of a relaxation massage as the techniques really help to relieve tension and feels great..
It incorporates deep pressure techniques to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, and focuses on trigger points. The Massage may cause a little discomfort at times, but no Massage should ever be painful.

Hot Stones
Heat is of great benefit to tense, achy muscles. The heat is very relaxing and soothing, flushing blood into the muscles and offers a more deeply relaxing massage. It also helps to relax and soften the muscles quicker than massage alone and can therefore aid in a deeper and more relaxing massage experience. I do offer Hot Stone as a stand alone relaxation massage but I like to incorporate them into every massage as they are so beneficial.

40 minutes - £30
1 hour - £45
80 mins - £55
90 mins - £65

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