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Welcome to the Inner Smile Anxiety Clinic- Your first step to feeling calmer, more confident and in control so you can live the life you want and enjoy it.

I'm Sarah Lewin. a BACP registered Psychotherapist, a Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist in Nottingham NG5 and Mansfield NG21 .

Are your worries and anxiety holding you back from living the life you want? Then you are not alone. These thoughts and feelings can cause a lot of distress and stop people from living a happy and meaningful life, as well as creating physical problems and poor health. Anxiety disorders are amongst the most common psychological issues that people seek help with

There are many reasons why we feel anxious in life. You may be going through a transition in life such as retirement, redundancy, a bereavement, the menopause or the end of a relationship, which can all bring up really difficult and scary feelings.
You may be experiencing social anxiety and worry about not being liked or being judged. This can be really tough and limits our enjoyment of interacting with others. It can also lead to agoraphobia in extreme cases.
It may be health anxiety that may be causing you fear and worry.
You may be experiencing a phobia or OCD, again life limiting fears and obsessions that are not easy to deal with.

You may feel that you need a little support right now to help you deal with these difficult emotions.

IF feelings of fear and uncertainty having an impact on your everyday life I can help you feel more confident and focused.

If you struggle to get out of bed somedays and wonder "what is the point". I can help you find more energy and motivation.

Do you feel like everyone else is having a better life than you, are more successful or in better relationships? I can help with that.

Are you irritable and stressed a lot of the time? I can help you to feel more relaxed, more often.

Do you feel down, lost or confused, and struggling to be positive? I can help you feel more focused and positive.

Are you fed up with feeling this way and looking to make some changes? I can help you with those changes and support you in making the right ones.

Its Ok to not be OK

You are probably wondering what is wrong with you and why you are feeling this way. You might be feeling low, or feeling like you can't cope. You should be ok right? There are people worse off than you, right? But life just isn't like that. No-one gets through this life without experiencing some really difficult emotions at some point, and usually at several points. That IS Life. But the reality is that you do not need to experience it alone. Whether you have a good support network that you could share your troubles with or not, there may be times when you don't want to burden them or are concerned that they might not understand. So whatever you are experiencing right now, it is normal, and it is ok to not be ok. There are better times ahead.

Where does the anxiety come from?

The good news is that we all feel anxious at times. It is a nervous feeling of apprehension, and is actually necessary for our survival. But when our anxiety dial is turned right up we are hypersensitive to everything, we are on high alert to every potential threat, whether it exists or not. Sadly our brain does not know what is real and what isn't, so if we are sending messages to the amygdala in the brain, that there is a threat looming, our body will respond to this threat by putting us in fight or flight mode. Explained in further detail in my Blog.

"We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are"

Why are you feeling this way?

It is important to say, right here, right now, that though anxiety is a mental health issue, it is not a mental illness. Anxiety is fear based and fear is an emotion not an illness. It is promoted by negative thought patterns, feelings and behaviours. This is controversial, but there is nothing wrong with you or your brain, and no medication can cure it, as there is no illness to cure.

There are many ways that you may be experiencing that awful sickly feeling of anxiety right now and its different for every one of us and as unique as we are. It can be as a result of a life event such as retirement, bereavement or the end of a relationship. It may be due to a traumatic event such as a car accident or sexual assault. It could be due to pressure, and expectations from others or other peoples critisism of us. Or it could be down to mid life hormonal changes and menopause.

How can I help you to feel better?

I have been a Hypnotherapist for 20 years, working with people mainly with anxiety, panic, phobias and confidence issues. More recently I completed a BSc hons degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy to better understand the deeper causes of the symptoms of anxiety and panic. However, continuing to work with anxiety, as a Counsellor, I know we can sit and talk about the anxiety week upon week, with reasonable but limited success. It is only when we incorporate relaxation techniques and guided visualisation that we bypass the critical thought processes in our mind and get to the heart of the problem. You don't even need to know what is causing you to feel anxious. We use techniques that you will learn which are then yours to use daily as you grow stronger, rising above the anxiety and realising your true worth.

Whether we call it hypnotherapy, or guided visualisations, guided meditation, breathing techniques, which ever term you prefer, these techniques must be included in any treatment for anxiety. I wasn't taught these techniques as part of my Counselling degree, I don't believe anyone is. It is therefore thanks to my earlier training and the realisation of how powerful and life changing these techniques can be, that I continue to use them and would not consider myself to be doing anxiety clients justice without using them.

What next?

Once you are feeling in a better place within yourself, we can then focus on the person you want to be with this new found feeling of peace and calm, and look at working with your goals for the future, once you are free from the debilitating feelings of anxiety that have been holding you prisoner.

Things can begin to change very quickly in most cases. Therapy can be a very empowering experience and allow your to feel that you have more control over your life than you may realise, while giving you the confidence to make the changes you want to make.

Here is a safe space where you can just be you and feel comfortable sharing whatever part of you that you feel requires change, and the fact that you are reading this now would say you are ready for change. I would be honoured to support you on your journey to wellness and fulfillment. Please reach out to make contact using the buttons below.

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Nothing gives me more pleasure than working together with clients, building a therapeutic relationship and enabling them to see their world from a new perspective that provides greater understanding of themselves and others around them.

What we have learned can be unlearned. The brain can be rewired .

Feel free to call me and leave a message inviting a call back, or you can email me at [email protected], or via the email contact form on this page telling me a little about what you are looking for help with and I will get back to you to arrange the first session.

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