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Suicide Support

This page is to offer information and support if you or someone you know is considering suicide.

If you have lost someone to suicide, please contact me if you feel you need some counselling support with this or you can visit the support after suicide partnership website here.

I have put this page together to offer some direction for you to get the help and support you or your loved one might need. If you need immediate support call;

116 123 (24 hours)


0800 58 58 58
Helpline & web chat available 5pm to midnight every day

0300 123 3393 (Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm)

Prevention of Young Suicide
0800 068 41 41 HOPELINEUK 9am - midnight every day.

If you prefer not to talk over the phone, you can contact SHOUT. Text SHOUT to 85258.

Maytree is a residential sanctuary for the suicidal, not a helpline.
020 7263 7070

Currently over 6,000 deaths by suicide take place in the UK every year – that's 16 per day.

There’s no such thing as ‘the suicidal type’. It can happen to anyone at anytime who feels that there is no hope of a brighter future and they just cannot go on any longer. We all experience tough times at some time in our lives, whether it’s the break down of a relationship, losing a job, or feeling like a failure and that nothing good happens in our lives.

It doesn’t have to be one big event – it can be a build up of lots of smaller things, and everyone deals with stressful situations differently.

If you are worried about someone right now, then the first step is to talk to them. They may be defensive, but they will most likely really appreciate somebody taking the time to ask how they are. Tell them that you have noticed they aren't themselves and if there is something on their mind. Let them know you are happy to listen, or if they would prefer to talk to somebody else, pass on one of the numbers above. 2020 has been a difficult year for us all, but some have been affected by the restrictions more than others, either physically or mentally or both. There is help and support our there is we look for it, and if we have the courage to ask.

Above all we need someone to listen and not to try to solve our problems or offer advice, or tell us where we have gone wrong.

If you are feeling suicidal right now, please call one of the helplines above but you may also find this advice from helpful.

You might be feeling upset, angry and in pain. But it's important to remember these feelings cannot and will not last. Like all feelings, they will pass. They may also be intensified if you are under the influence of drink and/or drugs.

There are steps you can take right now to stop yourself from acting on your suicidal thoughts. Everyone is different, so it's about finding what works best for you.

These are some practical tips that other people have found helpful when they've felt suicidal.

Get safe right now. Get through the next five minutes.

Taking things minute by minute can help make things more bearable. Reward yourself each time five minutes have passed.

Use our 'I need urgent help' tool for practical ideas to help you through the next few minutes.

Remove anything you could use to harm yourself
Remove any items or things you could use to harm yourself, or ask someone else to remove these for you.
If you're in an unsafe location, move away to somewhere safer.

Follow your safety plan or crisis plan, if you have one in place. These plans are a good way to save ideas for helping yourself when you feel unwell.

Tell someone how you're feeling. Whether it's a friend, family member or even a pet, telling someone else how you're feeling can help you feel less alone and more in control.


Try self-harm coping techniques

If you're thinking of harming yourself, you could try using self-harm coping techniques.

For example, you could:

hold an ice cube in your hand until it melts and focus on how cold it feels
tear something up into hundreds of pieces
take a very cold shower or bath.
See our page of tips for coping with self-harm for more ideas.

Focus on your senses
Taking time to think about what you can smell, taste, touch, hear and see can help to ground your thoughts.

Steady your breathing
Take long, deep breaths. Breathing out for longer than you breathe in can help you feel calmer.

Look after your needs
If you can, try doing the following:

get a glass of water
eat something if you're hungry
sit somewhere comfortable
write down how you're feeling.
Try to avoid drinking alcohol or taking recreational drugs, as this can make you feel worse.

Go outside
If you're feeling numb, go outside and feel the rain, sun or wind against your skin. This can help you to feel more connected to your body.

Contact a helpline or listening service.


Find your reasons to live.

You may feel like the world will be better off without you or there's no point in living, but this is never the case. You could try the following:

Write down what you're looking forward to. This could be eating your favourite meal, seeing a loved one or catching up on the next episode of a TV show.
Make plans to do something you enjoy tomorrow or in the near future. Plans don't have to be big or expensive.
Think about the people you love. No matter how bad you're feeling, it's important to remember that these people would miss you.
Be kind to yourself
Talk to yourself as if you were talking to a good friend. And try doing something nice for yourself.

This could be something small like having a bath, wrapping yourself in a blanket and watching your favourite film.

These ideas may seem silly but it can be easy to forget to do something nice for yourself.

Tell yourself you can get through this.
At times, we can concentrate on the negative things we tell ourselves and lose hope.

Repeating to yourself that you can get past these feelings can help you regain hope and focus on getting through it.

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