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Counselling and Psychotherapy

How can Counselling/Psychotherapy help?

"Neuroscience endorses counselling, and research is providing counsellors with scientific proof of the value of their work. The counselling relationship, has long been recognized as the most important catalyst for change, as it creates the fertile conditions for healing the damages created by stress and supporting the growth of new neural pathways fundamental to wellness and mental health".
"The science of"

Most people may think of Counselling and Psychotherapy as something you do when you are feeling depressed and suicidal. On the contrary is can be very helpful at times in life when you are looking for some clarity on where you are at and where you are going. Coaching skills are a helpful additional to Counselling skills and for me are just as important in allowing you to understand where you are going and not just where you have come from.

Anxiety (fear) and depression (sadness) are debilitating. However they are your bodies ways are trying to tell you something. You may be depressed because your needs, hopes and wishes have not been met, or anxious due to a traumatic event you may not even be aware of. Both of these are very treatable, and though you may not be able to live a life completely free from anxiety, you can certainly learn how to be more in control of it and therefore, less anxious.

I understand that seeking help and support is not an easy thing to do, especially when you are feeling anxious and depressed. Its difficult to admit life isn't going so well, that you can't cope and need support. You can only do this when you feel ready. I understand that it may have taken some time for you to even get to this page. But you have, and hopefully, this is where your healing journey begins. Don't let feelings of anxiety and depression,panic and phobias hold you back any longer. I can imagine it has already taken enough from you.

Here are some Information Sheets
Anxiety self help guide
Coping with Social Anxiety
Depression Self Help Leaflet
Self Help for Phobias
Self Help Guide for Panic

The benefits of Counselling/Psychotherapy you may experience are;

Learn new coping skills.
Improve relationship and knowledge of self.
Increase your confidence and decision making skills.
Find relief from depression, anxiety, fear, phobias and emotional distress.
Build greater self esteem and self acceptance.
Ability to change self-defeating behaviors/habits.
Better expression and management of emotions, including anger.

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